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Part 16: Weaving Dreams

Weaving Dreams

Chrysaphia Sini, a retired weaver, speaks of how amazing the minds of the women who were to create these weavings in the past. They didn’t have the same information and…

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Part 15: Intangible Cultural Heritage

Intangible Cultural Heritage

Geraki’s traditional weaving has secured a place on the Intangible Cultural Heritage list in Greece. Chrysoula Stamatopoulou, a weaving teacher, emphasized the importance of this recognition to preserve and sustain…

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Part 14: Workshop

Workshop thumbnail

The necessary elements are in position to solidify the significance of weaving within the community and secure its enduring legacy. There is an interest in establishing a museum, aimed at…

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Part 13: Ergani


It proves challenging for women to share their homes and discuss their personal connections with weaving, making it difficult to document the weaving practices of past generations. Despite these obstacles,…

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