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Part 5: Processing Wool

Processing wool

Part 5: Processing Wool In the traditional manner, women undertook the entire weaving process, including harvesting wool from sheep, cleaning the wool, and spinning it into thread. Michalis Sovolos, the…

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Part 4: Patterns

Patterns Thumbnail

This video will introduce you to patterns that are commonly woven in Geraki. According to Gianna Katsougraki, Archaeologist and PhD Candidate in History and Ethnology at Democritus University, one of…

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Part 3: The Loom

This video will introduce you to the traditional loom commonly used in crafting kilims in Geraki. The upright or vertical loom recalls the one used by Homer’s Penelope to weave…

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Part 2: Training

“The art of weaving is related to everyday life and their life stories. So, by unraveling the details of their history, they unraveled the weft and warp of their lives,”…

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Part 1: Our Community

In this video, we introduce you to members of the Geraki community, including modern-day weavers, experts who have studied the art of weaving in Geraki, members of the Cultural Society…

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Geraki Weaving Short Story: Video

Christine Weaving

In 2023, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) Centers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Simon Fraser University (SFU) initiated a collaboration with the Cultural Committee of Geraki…

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