Minor in Greek Language and Culture

Greek Language and Culture Minor:

The Greek Language and Culture Minor offer by the Department of Classics allows for the study of Hellenism across different periods and areas, and from different disciplinary perspectives.

Preparation for the Minor: 
  1. Greek 2
  2. Greek 3
  3. Greek 20


  1. Greek 9A
  2. Greek 9B
  3. Greek 9C

Greek 16 (an eight-week summer intensive language courses) may be substituted for Greek 1, 2, and 3

Requirements for the Minor: 
  1. Two upper division courses selected from: Greek 100-187 (usually includes Greek 100)
  2. Three additional upper division courses selected from: Greek 100-187 or Classics M114A-185

– Courses in related fields not offered by the department may be substituted by petition and with the approval of the faculty undergraduate advisor

– Up to three of the following classes will be automatically approved: Art History CM115A, C116A, C116B, Comp Lit 102, 106, M120, History 112B, 112D, 113A-113B, 116A-116B, M185G, IES M150, C160, Philosophy 100A

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