Fall 2018

Fall 2018

ANTH 100 History of Anthropology (Stewart)

Art History
AH 20 Ancient Art (Kennedy-Quigley)
AM M111 Minoan Art (Papadopoulos)
AH C116A/216A Middle Byzantine Art and Architecture (Gerstel)

CL 10 The Greeks (Morris)
CL 30 Classical Mythology (Purves)CL 88G Good Grief! Greek Mourning from Homer to the Migrant Crisis
CL M145A Early Greek Phil (Ellis)
CL M153A Minoan Art (Papadopoulos)
CL 162 Myth/Antigone (Spielberg)

CL 193 Keywords for Modern Greek Culture (Zenios)
GR 8A Beginning Modern Greek (Zenios)

HIST 113A History of Ancient Greece (Phillips)

Phil 100A History of Greek Philosophy (Crager)