Part 10: Women and Trade

Published: May 13, 2024
Women and trade

As per Michalis Sovolos, Archivist at the General State Archives in Laconia, women from Geraki have distributed their kilims all over Greece, with the highest consumer presence in Athens and Piraeus. The pricing strategy these women adopt involves considerations such as weight, intricate designs, or the length of the kilim. According to weaving teacher Chrysoula Stamatopoulou, following the economic crisis, demand for weavings from Geraki diminished, as it is a product catering to a more affluent market due to its higher cost. Nevertheless, when buying kilims in Geraki, customers should also acknowledge the product’s intrinsic value, understanding that their purchase involves more than just acquiring a kilim. They should consider factors such as the use of expensive materials, time, and labor invested in crafting the kilim.

With thanks to the Cultural Society of Geraki, the Ephoreia of Antiquities of Lakonia, the Municipality of Evrotas, and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

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