Part 12: Cultural Society

Published: May 28, 2024
Cultural Society Cover Image

Mayor Dimos Verdos of the Municipality of Evrotas emphasized the importance of preserving the weaving tradition in Geraki. He highlighted that while weaving is a significant aspect, the village has a rich history spanning millennia, encompassing various cultural elements that warrant preservation. Mayor Verdos expressed a collaboration with the Cultural Society of Geronthron with the hope that a museum could eventually be established to encapsulate Geraki’s cultural significance. This initiative aims to elevate Geraki to the status it deserves as a tourist destination while simultaneously ensuring the preservation and recognition of its rich cultural history. Anthi Saranti, President of the Cultural Society of Geraki, has pointed out that weaving in Geraki goes beyond mere tradition. Visitors should have the opportunity to tour the castle in Geraki, engage with the vibrant weaving community and view kilims, delve into Byzantine history, and explore various archaeological discoveries in the area, including items like loom weights. Importantly, this increase in interest in Geraki also creates opportunities for employment and improving the local economy.

With thanks to the Cultural Society of Geraki, the Ephoreia of Antiquities of Lakonia, the Municipality of Evrotas, and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.