Part 13: Ergani

Published: June 5, 2024
It proves challenging for women to share their homes and discuss their personal connections with weaving, making it difficult to document the weaving practices of past generations. Despite these obstacles, Nikos Zacharakis, MA in Folk Culture, University of Ioannina, believes that a considerable number of women in Geraki were involved in weaving as both a vocation and a source of income. Both Chrysoula Stamatopoulou, a weaving teacher, and Chrysaphia Sini, a retired weaver, indicated that they were founding members of the Ergani Cooperative, which comprised 15 women from the village. While the widespread production of textiles impacted the economic viability of woven goods in Geraki, the women associated with the Ergani Cooperative remained passionate and committed to preserving the weaving tradition.

With thanks to the Cultural Society of Geraki, the Ephoreia of Antiquities of Lakonia, the Municipality of Evrotas, and the  Stavros Niarchos Foundation.