Women’s Weaving Collective Project, Geraki, Laconia

The Centers at UCLA and SFU have initiated an important collaboration with the Women’s Weaving Collective in Geraki, Laconia, helping the Cultural Committee of Geraki and weavers in the town to catalog their historical woven textiles and identify local plants that were used for dyes. Beyond this, we are investigating ancient and medieval weaving practices in this settlement, where hundreds of loom weights have been uncovered in local excavations. We hope to introduce patterns for weaving drawn from the exceptional ornamental repertoire found in Byzantine churches in Geraki.

Read more about the journey here:

Day 1 Update: Journey into the World of Geraki Weavers

Day 2 Update: Empowering Women through Weaving

Day 3 Update: Fotis Kontoglou’s Connection to the Village of Geraki’s Artistic Heritage

Day 4 Update: The Link Between Ornamental Designs in Byzantine Churches and Geraki Weavings

Day 5 Update: Embarking on the Practice of Kilim Weaving in Geraki

Day 6 Update: And they rested.

Day 7 Update: Writing Commences Amidst Unexpected Rainstorms

Day 9 Update: Gathering Plants for Natural Dyes

Day 9 Update (Continued): The Amazing Women of Geraki Treated us to a Feast at the Monastery of St. John

Day 10 Update: A Colorful Day of Wool Dyeing

Day 11 Update: Writing Persists Amidst Torrential Downpour

Day 12 Update: Trip to the Monastery of Profitis Elias

Day 13 Update: Trip to Mystras

Day 14 Update: Vamvakou and Wrapping up Activities

Day 15 Update: Site Visits and Cataloguing of Kilims

Day 16 Update: Gratitude to the Cultural Society of Geraki and a Trip to Discover Weaving Patterns in Trypi

Day 17 Update: Writing on the Beach in Gytheio

Day 18 Update: Last Dinner in Karyes