Affiliated Organizations

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American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA)

The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) is by far the largest Greek-American organization. Its scope is international - with chapters in the United States, Canada, Australia and Greece. AHEPA was founded July 26, 1922, in Atlanta, Georgia, by visionary Americans of Greek descent to protect Hellenes from the evils of bigotry and to help assimilate them into American society in the early 20th Century. Although a majority of the membership is composed of Americans of Hellenic descent, application for membership is open to everyone who believes in the mission of the organization.

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American Hellenic Council

The American Hellenic Council is a non-partisan political advocacy organization that aims to promote democracy, human rights, peace, and stability in Southern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, with an emphasis on Greece and Cyprus, by informing the American public and public officials about on-going issues and conflicts in the area and about the threat arising from the economic crisis in Greece.

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Basil P. Caloyeras Center for Modern Greek Studies, Loyola Marymount University

The Center offers an interdisciplinary undergraduate curriculum in Modern Greek Studies. Courses are offered in Modern Greek history, the Greek Orthodox tradition and spirituality, Modern Greek literature, language and culture, theater, and film. Every summer the Center organizes the Odyssey Program, a four-week travel and study program in Greece. The program is open to all LMU students.

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Cretans Omonoia of O.C.

From its beginning through today the PAA has continuously supported: Education, Culture, Church and Philanthropy. Education is deeply rooted in the Hellenic culture and every family strives to educate its young. The immigrants to the New World were no exception and today American-Hellenes are rated the number one ethnic group in educational accomplishments. Cretan culture, the oldest in Europe, is very rich and in some ways unique. The PAA is its only steward in America with the mission to enjoy it, preserve it and pass it on to future generations for their enjoyment.

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Greek Heritage Society

GHS has interviewed over 300 Greek immigrants and Greek Americans in Southern California. Greek Heritage Society welcomes your donation as we continue to preserve Hellenism through worthwhile projects for present and future generations in California.

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Hellenic Library of Southern California

Located in Bellflower, California, The Hellenic Library serves as a center for Greek literature and cultural events. Its mission is to preserve and promote Hellenic art, culture and education in a current and contemporary context. Services available to members, patrons and the community, include: a lending Library; use of the elegant Hellenic Cultural Center facility; audio, video and multimedia archive; Greek language programs; organized events on culture, literature, film, music, etc.; and art exhibits. The renovated 1,200 sq ft multi-purpose facility houses the Library content, has state-of-the-art multimedia audio-video equipment and lighting installation.

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Hellenic Medical and Dental Society

The Hellenic Medical and Dental Society promotes the art and science of medicine among physicians, dentists and other health professionals of Hellenic descent through medical education and social activities. They also establish relations with other medical societies in the United States and Canada, Greece, and the Hellenic Diaspora and assist physicians of Hellenic origin to secure satisfactory graduate education.

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Hellenic Society of Constantinople

Our Southern California chapter was founded in 1966. Today, the society also supports scholarships to students of Greek descent based on merit, and donates to worthy philanthropic causes in the United States. The society sponsors the annual Commemoration of the Fall of Constantinople which is held in early January each year. Our organization supports the Patriarchate in Istanbul, Turkey and the religious freedoms of Orthodox Christians in Turkey and Asia Minor.

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Hellenic Society of Constantinopolitans, Greater Washington Area

Founded in 1986, the Hellenic Society of Constantinopolitans, Greater Washington Area (HSCONDC) has almost one hundred active members made up of residents of Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and beyond, who are interested in supporting its mission: to further the cultural appreciation of the City and also to foster friendships within the community at large, providing moral support, and distributing mutual aid wherever there is a need. The organization donates funds regularly to charities in Athens, Istanbul and within the DC area. During the start of the pandemic, the Society began the Polítiko Kafeneio, a virtual weekly meeting to host book discussions, musical presentations and holiday events to connect with friends all over the world. Today the Society continues to host events both virtually and in-person and welcomes new members interested in supporting its mission.

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Hellenic University Club/HUC@UCLA

The Hellenic University Club of Southern California, founded by UCLA scholars Theodore Saloutos and Spiros Vryonis, and other prominent members of the community, was incorporated in December 1961 with the mission to promote the study and understanding of Hellenic culture by sponsoring events that feature distinguished speakers and artists, and to raise funds for grants to organizations and institutions that promote the Hellenic culture in Southern California. In September 2019, the HUC Board of Directors unanimously decided to confer the Club to the UCLA Stavros Niarchos Foundation Center for the Study of Hellenic Culture. This move establish a new Hellenic University Club at UCLA (HUC@UCLA), which will continue the legacy.

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Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

The Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (LAGFF) showcases new films from Greece and Cyprus, and includes works by international filmmakers of Greek descent. Greek filmmakers and the American audience have a chance to inspire and be inspired by one another and discover films that under usual circumstances do not cross borders. The Festival’s Orpheus Award, named for the legendary Greek poet and “father of songs,” is an annual prize honoring the best in Greek and Greek inspired cinema. Since the Festival’s inception in 2007, its awards night has become an integral event serving to highlight filmmakers who are changing the way we think about film.

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Marmarinon Benevolent Society of Afthoni

The Marmarinon benevolent society "Afthoni" was founded on August 15, 1909 in Los Angeles. Its original membership included 282 heads of households in the Los Angeles area, with some 80 members in the Tacoma/Seattle areas. The original purpose of the Marmarinon society was to aid their town of Afthoni on the island of Marmara, Turkey (its ancient name was "Preikonnesos").

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National Hellenic Society

The National Hellenic Society (NHS) is a proud association of Greek American leaders, visionaries, and philanthropists who perpetuate and celebrate our rich heritage. The NHS was established to create a lasting network of Greek Americans to preserve our heritage through the sponsorship and initiation of programs that support Hellenic culture, benefit our members and their families, and honor our ancestors. NHS members represent accomplished men and women in the Greek American community, and membership is solely by invitation. As is our tradition, fellowship and enrichment are a prominent part of this society.

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Pan-Arcadian Federation Nea Mantineia Chapter

The Pan Arcadian Federation of America (PFA) is a nationwide non-profit fraternal Greek-American organization whose members descend from the region of Arcadia in the Peloponnese, southern Greece. It is dedicated to the promotion of the ideals of Hellenism and the principles of Democracy, the preservation of the Greek language and cultural heritage, as well as the Greek Orthodox Church and the support of Arcadian and Arcadian-American philanthropic, cultural and educational institutions.

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Pan-Icarian Brotherhood

According to Icarian-American lore, a group of immigrants from Icaria formed a mutual aid in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 26, 1903, which was later chartered in 1905 as the Icarian Brotherhood of America. The purpose of this organization was to provide medical, disability and funeral benefits for its members and provided a vehicle for raising money for charitable contributions for the islands of Icaria and Fourni.

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Pan-Laconian Federation of U.S. and Canada

The Pan-Laconian Federation was established in 1948 to unite the Laconian Associations and Societies of the United States and Canada and to preserve the Laconian cultural heritage. Since its inception, the Federation has supported numerous philanthropic causes and has provided academic scholarships to deserving Laconian students in the United States, Canada, and Greece. The Federation holds Conventions annually, either in the United States or Canada; every 5th year, the Convention is held in Greece. The purpose of the convention is to bring together all Laconians to strengthen and preserve their traditions and values; to challenge them to pass on those traditions and values to younger generations; to undertake projects that would benefit Laconian and Hellenistic causes and to plan for the future of the Federation.

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Pan-Macedonian Association

The Pan-Macedonian Association was founded in 1947 with the goal of uniting all the Macedonian societies of the United States. It is a nationwide membership organization for Greek Americans whose origins are from Macedonia, Greece. The organization promotes the culture, language, history and traditions of Macedonia and promotes charitable projects and works to benefit the region and its people. It strives to educate its members and the general public on various issues pertaining to Macedonia, especially the Hellenic origin and nature of the name Macedonia.

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United Cypriots of Southern California

The objectives of UCSC are: a) To preserve the proud heritage and history of Cyprus and its people, b) To encourage close social and cultural relations among all Cypriots, c) To encourage and safeguard the Democratic concept of freedom of speech, religion and thought as well as our Democratic form of government, d) To further the cultivation of love for the United States of America, and respect for its constitution, e) To support the cultural and philanthropic institutions of the United States of America and the Republic of Cyprus, and to render financial aid to Cypriot orphans and refugees, and f) To support through all legal means the efforts of our fellow Cypriots in their long and arduous quest to attain their Democratic objectives.