Hellenic Photo Competition

Kindness Photo

The West Coast Consortium of Hellenic Studies Programs invited undergraduate students to submit one photograph taken in Greece during the summer of 2023 for the Hellenic Photo Competition. The theme of this year’s photo competition was periptera (kiosks). Each submission was accompanied by a description, adding depth to the visual narratives.

In Greece, kiosks sell various items, including newspapers, magazines, snacks, and beverages. They are traditional fixtures of the Greek urban landscape. In recent years, however, their number has decreased substantially. Of the 9,904 kiosks found across Greece in 2010, only 4,985 remain open for business today. The reduction in their number makes their documentation imperative.

The winner of the competition was Karla Paniagua Barajas of California State University, Sacramento, whose photograph, Kindness, depicted a peripteras, a kiosk owner who, in addition to selling everyday items, also provided directions and assistance to Karla who was late to catch a flight. Her photograph serves as a poignant reminder of the central role of the peripteras in daily life, a role that has been enshrined in popular literature and music.

Anika Sosa (University of California, San Diego) and Nikitas Politis (University of California, Santa Cruz) received honorable mention in the competition.